Year of Sunday

Bronze sculpture of the history of Littleton Colorado to celebrate the centennial year of Littleton.  Dedicated December 1, 1990
Located Junction of Main Street & Alamo Avenue, east side of railroad tracks Littleton Colorado

A family unit is representing four consecutive eras. The mother, dressed in 1890s costume, sits in a chair reading to her daughter who sits on her lap. Her daughter, dressed in the clothes of about 1910, holds a doll. On the side, to the mother’s proper left, is a wheat field scene, with a farmer and horse-drawn plough, and a small scale model of Richard Little’s flour mill. A father and son stand behind the mother and daughter, looking outward in the opposite direction. The father, dressed in overalls, represents the 1950s. He stands, pointing outward with his proper left hand, with his proper right hand on his son’s shoulder. The boy, standing to the father’s proper right, is clad in 1990s clothes, including tennis shoes and headphones. The boy holds a model jet airplane in his hands. In front of them is a small building; and behind the father, on the proper left side, is a replica of the Gemini space vehicle, and spectators. The figures stand on a base of swirling planets and molecules  (taken from the Smithsonian Institute website


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